It is the mission of Gulf County school counselors to deliver a multi-layered, comprehensive, and accountable guidance program in which equity, access, and academic success for ALL students is the focus. In doing so, school guidance and counseling is provided to students, parents, and teachers so that students are able to reach their greatest physical, emotional, psychological and behavioral potential.

Guidance Counselor

Stephanie Bailey
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Laura Suber
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Social Worker

Ashley Wooten
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Staffing Specialist

Eric Bidwell
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Parent Liason

Jan Traylor
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Ben Ranie
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The elementary guidance program is developmental and takes a proactive, instructional approach to provide counseling and guidance activities/programs that address the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students. The ultimate goal is to reduce barriers that impede student success.

Children in elementary school begin to acquire academic and personal/social development skills. They are gaining new awareness of themselves as they interact with others. Students are in the process of forming basic values, attitudes, and interests that impact their education and, ultimately, their future. Furthermore, they begin to understand the world of work and have some general knowledge of different occupations and career choices.

School counselors and teachers help children to develop positive attitudes toward school, take pride in their own efforts, and acquire good work habits at school. The primary goal of an effective career development program in the elementary school is to introduce children to the tasks that are important for a productive and rewarding way of life. Students need to become aware of themselves, how they are unique and constantly changing, and how they can use school experiences to explore and prepare for their future. There is evidence that the information students first learn carries the most weight in their ultimate decisions. Elementary schools must focus attention on areas such as: positive self-concept, responsible behavior, broad career awareness, interpersonal and communication skills, respect and diversity, and decision-making skills.